The Lifetime Stories Project

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Ever wondered how to move from “one and done” sessions to having your clients coming back time and time again, year after year?

We have the answer for you …

Introducing “The Lifetime Stories Project” – a marketing strategy that gives your EXISTING clients a reason to come back, creating lifelong loyal clients who LOVE you.

Finding new clients is costly!

The objective of this strategy is to nurture the clients you already have … those who already know you, trust you and value the memories you’ve created for them.

Imagine documenting a family’s unique story chapter by chapter, capturing the their ever changing dynamic as they grow and evolve …

Remember the Mum who entrusted you with her Maternity Session and then again for her Newborn Experience?

The Lifetime Stories Project gives you a reason to invite the Mum back to celebrate her child’s milestones as the family grows.

And in the process deepening your relationship with the client and staying with them for the long haul.

The genius of this strategy is then using these clients as “Case Studies” or testimonials to encourage more clients to come back year after year.

In this Masterclass, we will break down the project for you and how to structure an enticing offer that keeps them coming back.

We also provide you with a 3-part Email Nurture Sequence, Landing Page Template and beautifully designed social media tiles so you can get up and running fast.

Let’s implement the The Lifetime Stories Project TODAY!