Past Session Reactivation Campaign

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Imagine if there was a way to boost the final sale from each and every client you photograph … even after the final purchase, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Enter the “Past Session Reactivation Campaign”, a marketing strategy designed to rekindle your connection with past clients.

The aim? To re-engage with them with a special offer to purchase more artwork or digital files from their previous session.

Design appointments can be a daunting process for the client. They’re presented with a gallery of GORGEOUS memories, asked to choose their favourite moments and create artwork in such a short amount of time.

And every client is different! Some come into the session prepared and knowing what they want. Other’s have a budget and unsure what products will suit their home.

As a consequence, clients may walk away not having bought images and products they later wish they had.

This is where the “Past Session Reactivation Campaign” can be powerful!

It gives clients a second chance to purchase any images or artwork they left behind.

So how do we achieve this? With an automated Email Nurture Series inviting them back into your world. To sweeten the deal, we offer a $200-$500 credit to use on a past session.

How much you offer will depend on your product prices.

And here’s the best bit … the only investment required for this campaign is your time to set it all up!

Consider the “credit” your loss leader to encourage additional sales that otherwise wouldn’t have existed without this campaign.

Let’s get started!