With Mark Rossetto

This Bootcamp is Designed to be SHARP, IMPACTFUL and LOADED with Practical Tools to MAXIMISE your Marketing and Sales Strategies.

This is for ALL Portrait and Wedding photographers who are serious about running a successful photography business and want to get the inside scoop on what's working in 2024.

Session 1: Clients are Made, Not Found

Transform your photography client acquisition approach by building strong relationships. By understanding where clients are at in the buying journey, you can connect with them on a whole new level. This will provide exceptional value through personalised services, turning clients into raving fans to maximise your sales!

Session 2: Get with the Times or get Left Behind

Stay ahead with a strong business mindset in the ever-evolving market of VA’s, AI, automation, and technology. Learn how to leverage these tools to streamline your business and continually innovate as new technology emerges. Enhance every aspect of the client journey—from marketing to operations, workflow, and shooting—by integrating cutting-edge solutions to stay competitive and efficient.

Session 3: Maximise Your Sales

Unlock new opportunities to maximize your sales with an optimized Client Fulfillment System. This is crucial for achieving significant sales and turning clients into enthusiastic fans. A seamless client experience can mean the difference between a client spending $500 on digital files or investing $3,000+ on premium products. If your business isn’t running smoothly through the client experience, you might as well be throwing money away.

Session 4: Marketing Insights

We will walk through a number of proven marketing strategies to attract clients in 2024 and build a marketing system that consistently generates leads for your business. It’s more than just posting an offer on social media and hoping for sales. You’ll learn effective techniques to ensure a steady stream of clients.

You did it!... What to do next???

Once you have completed ALL four sessions of the photography business bootcamp there are a few things that you should do next…

Whether you're just starting out or a 7 figure Photography Business, rent a commercial space or work from home ... the Professional Photography Business Network will help you level-up, accelerate your learning and get support from some of the smartest people in the industry.

Thank you again for the bootcamp. It was excellent with loads of useful information that can be put into action. You never hold back with the details and steps to achieve something, and that is much appreciated.

Maggie J


Marks bootcamp was packed with actionable steps to take now in your photography business He provided a downloadable workbook to follow along and keep track of tips, tricks and facts. So helpful. I’m so glad I was able to get on this train to steer me in the right direction

Anna Debenedictis


Mark Rossetto is a very experienced, generous and passionate man, giving so much information freely at his PPBN online business bootcamp. He has a genuine desire to help the photography industry. I don’t have a business yet but if I ever need coaching, he’s the one I’ll go to.



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